Automatic Offsite Backups

To meet HIPAA compliancy, all healthcare organizations and related entities require rigorous security and privacy practices to insure patient confidentiality for all health care related information. With these stringent requirements in mind, the development staff has created ZipChart® EMR to adhere to all HIPAA policies.

Included with the purchase of the ZipChart EMR system is automatic, daily, online, offsite backup of your ZipChart server.

If anything were to happen to the ZipChart server; such as server failure, fire, theft, or vandalism; there would not be a serious impact on your practice. Your medical records can be accessible within 15 minutes.

This is possible because we have a secure backup copy of your patient data off-site in our facility. Your entire site can be reinstalled on a new remote server, allowing your ZipChart system to be fully restored and functional in as little as fifteen minutes.

This is another feature that makes your ZipChart patient files safer than your current paper patient records.