Chart and Document Export Functions

ZipChart® has powerful export functions that allow any or all of a patient's medical record to be exported. This is handy if you want to send a copy of your evaluation and treatment to a referring physician, or when a patient requests copies of their medical record.

The export function allows the medical record, either partial or full, to be exported as a single PDF* file, and handed to patient in either a digital or paper format.

With ZipChart, medical record requests are completely handled from within ZipChart. The ZipChart server can fax any portion of a patient's chart to another office without the need to print anything. Records may also be sent via email with full encryption.

Medical Records can also be saved to any portable media source, such as a flash disk or a CD, for viewing at locations when an Internet connection is not available.

* PDF (portable document format) is an Adobe Acrobat File