The web server that houses the ZipChart software and all patient data is normally physically installed in the individual medical office. If the practice has more than one location, only one server is needed with the remote offices having a standard broadband Internet connection. There is no need for a complex VPN (virtual private network) or other special network connection. The practice has complete control of the patient records.

From the beginning, security was a primary concern with the design of ZipChart. Every ZipChart server is completely protected with several layers of security and encryption. No one can access information without a proper password, all information that is viewed is logged, and all data on the server is encrypted at the file system level. All data displayed from the server is encrypted with 128 bit SSL encryption, the same type of security that banks use to protect financial information, making ZipChart EMR patient files substantially SAFER then your current paper charts.

What does this mean to your practice? Compliance with applicable regulations and, better yet, peace of mind!