Tablet PC's Positive Impact on Physicians

Enhancing patient outcomes—Whether responding to an emergency room telephone call in the middle of the night, consulting with a colleague across town, or standing at a patient's bedside, the Tablet PC helps physicians access the information they need. And customizable templates and checklists help ensure that best practices are followed.

Remaining efficient across their highly mobile workday—The physician is the ultimate mobile information worker. Some studies have found that about 40 percent of the average physician's time is wasted - much of this caused by the lack of timely access to information causing duplicate efforts and other inefficiencies. The Tablet PC lets you stay connected to all the information you need.

Minimizing time spent on documentationZipChart created specifically for use on the Tablet PC makes it simple to point and click your way through a patient to document the patient encounter. The physician can augment the information, entering notes with the stylus or keyboard, or through dictation. The result: documentation is done in real time - not stacked up to be entered later. In many cases, transcription costs can be dramatically reduced or eliminated entirely. Earlier patient records, lab reports, and other documents arriving on paper can be scanned into the system.